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Study in the US: AstraZeneka vaccine is safe, it saves lives!

Study in the US: AstraZeneka vaccine is safe, it saves lives!

Source: BBC

The US published the study on the AstraZeneka vaccine. Study data show that this vaccine is safe and very effective. The BBC published the study which said that the vaccine is 79% effective in stopping the symptoms of the disease and prevents 100% of patients with Covíd-19. Nothing was found to impair the safety of the vaccine or its association with blood clotting. More than 32,000 volunteers took part in the tests, mostly in America, but also in Chile and Peru. About one-fifth of the volunteers in this study were over 65 years old, and the vaccine, given in two doses four weeks apart, provided them with the same protection compared to younger age groups. The results of this study pave the way for regulatory authorities to approve the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine in the United States within this month or in April, informs

Lead vaccine testing researcher at Oxford University, Prof. Andrew Pollard said: "These results are great news as they show the tremendous effectiveness of the vaccine in a young population and are consistent with the results of Oxford studies."

Professor Sarah Gilbert, co-creator of the vaccine, noted: " In many different countries and in all age groups the vaccine offers a high level of protection against Covíd-19 and we hope this will lead to an even wider use of the vaccine. "In order to put an end to the pandemic, it is really important to have the ability to protect people as soon as possible. This vaccine will save lives, " Gilbert added.